To the murderers of South Africa

It was Madiba who said, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”
We understand that you must be raged by the Dutch, English, Boers and just about everyone who comes to your lands unannounced, to plunder your goods and eat of your food without your consent. This is indeed disrespectful and a violation of your hospitality. Years of abuse under an oppressive government -depriving you of basic benefits which would have made you a better person had left you now in a state of void which bitterness and hatred fills.

You are the children of slaves, servants- the Dompass carriers. Names associated with stupidity and the shamefulness to the colour of your skin has caused you to be the animal you are?
You are now restless, homeless, hopeless and loveless. It’s your turn to take what belongs to you and everyone says its wrong. Its your turn to protect which had being stolen for so long and they say its wrong.

You now have a different name to which is associated to insanity. It was alright when your fathers was beaten, insulted and your wives and daughters raped. One can’t imagine the anguish and pain you must go through to beat a person whether be child, women or man to semi-unconscience state and place a tyre upon them and setting it alight only to watch them awaken and seeing themselves burn. The screams of pleas and begging of sparring their lives makes you the god of the era now has the power of life and dead is in your hands.

Your political ideologies and justification will not silence the cries from which your brothers blood also calls revenge. The Bantu nation is a fearless and courageous nation, they are strong and enduring. God has sparred you to tell of your fathers struggles- there is no further cause of another cycle of bloodshed.
We hear you…you were hungry and no one gave you to eat, you where thirsty and no one gave you to drink, you were homeless and no one took you in…So Mr Murderer has food, water and a house has lost its taste to that of the flesh and blood of your brother?
Please come to your senses, your father paid a price for you to be free and therefore use your freedom responsibly. We understand your plight and will ask you once again, please throw your weapons into the sea, so you can see the horizon of a better day.

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