How are immigrants taking our jobs?

british jobsjobs

Most people who are under the “poverty-line” are finding it difficult to seek employment in the United Kingdom. The influx of foreigners making the United Kingdom home- poses a great threat. The plight of the natives finds themselves being at times having to compete for jobs on merit-basis “in their own country”. In addition these foreigners are willing to work for lower wages, longer hours and willing to go the extra mile “trying to please their boss’” all these attributes creates challengers for the locals, as a job should never be given that much of preeminence.

Many do not understand the burdens of being poor and living demands within the United Kingdom. Despite the numerous governmental benefits: Job seeker allowance, Disability allowance, Child benefit, Low-income support, Emergency grants, Tax credit, and Free medical prescription from a pharmacy (Wales only).

There are basic commitments such as the Sky plus, Broadband and mobile bills. Not mentioning the credit loans for the LCD 40” Television and the IPad and the annual IPhone upgrades. (Please don’t misunderstand that this is not all Britain, but my experiences- from working with charities have given me insight to the world of the “poverty stricken”). Many of these poverty households have no idea how to manage their finances. Therefore all the benefits received are just not enough. Also strangely the source of most murmurings regarding foreigners taking jobs derive from these disgruntle patriots’.

I would not want to go through the here-say chatter about how Muslim communities how they “multiply like rabbits” for they don’t see children as a liability but blessings therefore given the most chosen name for a male child in 2009 was, “Mohammed”. Or the fact that these minorities are buying up the villagers and neglect their houses “creating a slum neighbourhood”.

Whether you admit it or not, these irrational prejudices exist and are formed by the hurt and the envious because many are just too lazy to get-off the gravy train and be productive. Many are with regret of not being able to pay for tuition so that their kids could have a better life, get away from the bondage of claiming benefits for generation after generation. Fearful of taking a job should the benefits be stopped or less than when they were not working.

When Moses was leading the Israelites to the promise land, “the land flowing with milk and honey” he definitely had no idea of Britannia…in this land- if you don’t work – you can still eat!

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