The Funny thing about Load Shedding

loadsheddingDid you hear about that joke of a President, the Electrical Company Director and Energy Minister was in a meeting when the lights cut-off. The Secretary ran into the boardroom and exclaimed, “so sorry sir its load shedding”. They all looked at her in amazement as if she was deluded.

Is that not hilarious? The punch line is the fact that currently Johannesburg coined its slogan, “A World Class City in Africa” may just be as primitive as the Bronze Age. It takes a World Class City to have the luxury to switch on a light. South African do have light switches…yes, fancy expensive ones but no electricity.jozi

This World Class City does not know how to produce enough electricity for all South Africa. Since 2008, load shedding has cost the economy an estimated R300 billion. Thousands have lost their jobs as businesses have had to scale down, or scale back on investments. In addition to this, the international reputation as an investment destination has been seriously damaged by the government’s inability to service the country’s energy needs.

The funny thing about load shedding is that the electric gates, fences and CCTV cameras are all affected. Most foreigners don’t realise that load shedding means that even the traffic signals don’t work. The property I’m currently residing at has biometric scanners and the latest technology in security – all dependent on Electricity. I don’t like to imagine what could be the consequences of a robbery or an invasion from a neighbouring country?

In this World Class City Electricity is NOT a basic need only a luxury.

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