The Evolution of Democracy, introducing the “Rogue Government”

demoDemocracy is dependent upon truthfulness, information, and transparency by its elected and appointed officials, as well as those candidates aspiring for office. This in itself is the fundamental basis for democracy’s ideology.

Failure to satisfy that premise results in the officials functioning under the veil of secrecy. To which results to lying, cheating and stealing, and even if they do not engage in such activities, their veil of secrecy invites suspicion that very well be.demo

The definition of “democracy” is “rule by the people”. Hence if the people are deceived, kept secrets from, cheated, mistreated and ignored by their representatives and otherwise kept out of the democratic process, then democracy no longer exists.

So, when the Minister of Parliament/ Senate no longer is truly represent the people or when the people are no longer “ruling” – then what do we have? Many have coined the phase, “a failed democracy”.

I would go on to mention that this form of government somewhat hijacked from its mandate from the people’s purpose takes on the system of a “rogue government”.

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