Racists are a dying breed soon to be displayed at the Rainbow Circus

It’s tough being a racist in the 21st Century and will be even more difficult as we progress to a secular progressive world. Gone are the days where racists’ names and identities of people groups are marginalised and insults where for public entertainment.

As I look at my country of birth, South Africa. I can’t help but to sympathise with the narrow “traditional bigoted” policy makers. Policies that direct a country’s economic growth based upon race. I believe many Black, Indian and even the South African Coloured are as or even more racist than the White oppressors.

The irony in all this is that the educated profession, born within the last forty years are inter-marrying. It will be a joke as these policies become obsolete as White marries Black and Black marries Indians, etc. What good would Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Policy serve? eef

I will tell you… we will use your (BEE) for growing even more wealth. As our kids will be all registered “Black” with natives names. This dying breed of politicians is the Jurassic Age; it is only a matter of time until their era is entirely wiped out.

Let me tell you of the “man of the future” they will be of a mixed race. saNow whether this sits well with our fascists in society today it’s tough – as those who are living in the real world are enjoying the diversity.

…go ahead make a law that gives percentages based upon your “blackness or whiteness” to claiming a level playing field –  whilst the White farmers are being butchered, the traditional rural tribesman is yet without basic services and an entire country has a third-world infrastructure built by the “White-man”.

Yet the leaders have time to continue writing absurd policies…just maybe South Africa should rename Parliament, “The Rainbow Circus,” the show is entertaining but the crowds are getting bored with your simple magic tricks.

We all want to see you making yourselves disappear …and not our Country!

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