Arrested for Spreading their Legs on the Train

Two men from Brooklyn were arrested for “manspreading” it has been revealed, after police found them taking up too much room on the subway.

A bylaw arresting men for spreading their legs is insane! Travelling on the train, I come across a varied spectrum of society to which invades my space and peace. We all have sat near that inconsiderate individual blasting their music through their headphones so that the entire carriage is sharing in their “pleasure”.

Or how about an individual who stinks so much that the entire carriage reeks of their odour and possibly yourself as you start the day “afresh”.

 We all must have witnessed fights, drunks, or a passionate couple who can’t wait to get a room. These all affect our space yet for some strange reason Brooklyn decided to clamp down on manspreading. I can just imagine how such a bylaw could have been implemented.

The Council possibly was gathering for a meeting and probably did not have enough room on the train so they must have sat next to that man spreading his legs. The gutless Council member , decided to implement a law which satisfies their vengeance.

Why else would such a bylaw exist? We seldom hear of few cases where the police act upon arresting those portraying antisocial behaviours but such petty crimes receiving such eager speedy responses is the strength of our forces. It may be so that the Police are scared to go after “real criminals?”

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