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Worth Knowing that the Government is not above the Law!

The real importance of the rule of law today lies in the basic idea underlying all three points (but especially the first) that the state should use its power according to agreed rules, and not arbitrarily.

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Greece left in Ruins 

  Greece faces a debt default within 48 hours after the government made clear it will not repay a €1.5bn loan to the IMF that expires tomorow. After talks on a €12bn bail-out deal collapsed, Greece is holding a national referendum on Sunday on whether to accept the conditions for further bail-outs. However, the country is so cash-strapped that it doesn’t

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Shouting Contest at South African Parliament

These disruptions to parliament are an indication of South Africa’s critical stage in its history. Differences and hate speech are becoming ever increasing as political divides become evident. 2014 and 2015 are the years in which the South African National Assembly plunged into chaos, with the opposition being forced out not once but twice. Since then, the opposition has been vying for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker of Parliament and President, Jacob Zuma.

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SA soldiers worst sex offenders on UN missions

A recently released United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services report on sexual offences committed by the military on peacekeeping missions has revealed that South African soldiers are the worst offenders. The report focused on offences in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia and Haiti. South Africa has more than 2 000 troops stationed in the

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Sanctioning Israel? – South African Government double standard & Insane!

Zuma’s government is up to no good and is staging an unnecessary feud with Israel. In doing so they will be disrespecting the large Jewish community in South Africa. Zuma’s government is not concerned about Palestine. Zuma and his government don’t even care about their own people suffering in poverty or the Xenophobic attacks but now wants to show solidarity to matters, which are beyond their intellect.

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