President Zuma gets Pay Raise and will “hopefully” feature in the Guinness World Records

President Zuma has had a difficult year, working so hard trying to constantly defend his impeccable name and be served by the people. He definitely deserves the pay raise. The increase is just over R130, 000, meaning he’ll now be earning over R2.7 million a year. To those who object to our beloved President pay raise do not understand South Africa and the efforts of our Great Leader, Zuma. gwr

We in South Africa reward efforts based not on merit but on entitlement. Despite how clever you think you are? If you can show you had a hard, disadvantaged background for being black- you can get most jobs on a token basis, BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and if you have an insider help, then tenders provide that “tender life you deserve”.

Like our beloved, loved by the nation – the people’s Prince! He has worked tirelessly to defending his almost 300 plus criminal charges to which are a full time job in itself! He should be soon featuring in the Guinness World Records for the longest Criminal Master-mind President of the World as he decides to stay for the third term in office. It is the people’s fault that Mr Zuma has had a “dry spell” in popularity for the failing economy and bad legislation.

During the Apartheid Era the comrades learnt how to destroy and handicap South Africa’s infrastructure. Now who can blame the guy? With Standard six education and sabotaging skills – Mr Zuma knows nothing else…he still is fighting for the cause, he is like Robocop gone AWOL, or Rambo with amnesia.

We all should on his third victory campaign award him the merger of the South African Reserve Bank as his personal open account. That way our loved Great Leader would not need a committee to vote his next pay rise – if fact let’s get rid of everyone and let Great Leader Zuma become like Chairman Maw

We love you our Great Leader Zuma!

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