Don’t Incite Hatred to our Youth on this Youth Day!

It’s clear that the wounds of apartheid are still raw in some of our people. Some can’t let go of the pains and anger, which have cost them great sacrifices so that this new South Africa can be formed – as one nation despite colour. However, the novelty of South Africa’s newness is slowly wearing-out and true emotions of hurt are yet again beginning to fester. The colours black and white are becoming more visible due to some of the unfair Policies Mr Zuma’s cabinet imposing on our nation to distinguish colour.

auMany of the young people who have not experienced injustice have taken it upon their stride to seek retribution. There is anger and hatred towards the oppressors of the past. Zuma’s administration has demonstrated that Madiba’s and Tutu’s philosophy of forgiveness and reconciliation showed weakness as opposed to the dominating of South Africa – so that the Whites, Indians, Asians and Coloureds all know that South Africa is not their land.

Being African is a current trend and we all want to show that we are – but the term, “African” can be ambiguous. It has subtly the connotation of the exclusivity towards the “native descendants of the Bantu”.

I have recently come to realise that this notion is true and that some parents, teachers, political influencers and leaders in our communities are irresponsible by teaching our youths to hate and continue the struggle.

EFF and Zuma’s Cabinet are contributors to this ideology and a need to grow-up. The EFF are wearing red overalls and berets yet driving the latest German engineering (Grow up!). It is not anyone’s time, it is our country and it’s our time to act responsibly. Stop those in authority preaching their political prejudices by brainwashing our youths!

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