Zuma’s Government is in breach of foundational values of our constitutional democracy

Jacob Zuma and his administration are in breach of the South African Constitution. To which he must step-down or be removed. The current administration is sabotaging the economy, infrastructure and alienating South Africa from the Western countries – by aligning us with communistic and dictatorship countries such as Russia, China, etc. Putin+Zuma+Mar+26+2013Instead of promoting peace, good governance and to build a sustainable economic stability. We are losing the confidence of the international community and potential/current investors. Zuma, as the President of South Africa, should realise that at the heart of the observance to the rule of law, which the Constitutional Court of South Africa explained in these terms:

‘The exercise of public power must … comply with the constitution, which is the supreme law, and the doctrine of legality, which is part of that law. The doctrine of legality, which is an incident of the rule of law, is one of the constitutional controls through which the exercise of public power is regulated by the constitution. It entails that both the Legislature and the Executive “are constrained by the principle that they may exercise no power and perform no function beyond that conferred on them by the law”. In this sense the Constitution entrenches the principle of legality and provides the foundation for the control of public power.’


With Al-Bashir

Central to the affirmation or oath of office is the obligation to uphold the foundational values of our constitutional democracy, which include the rule of law, human dignity, equality, freedom, transparency and accountability.


The Rule of Law is the concept that a functioning society needs an accessible, independent and transparent legal system, along with a set of laws that everyone, including the government, follows. Where the Rule of Law is strong, day-to-day essentials such as health, safety, shelter, employment, education and family are often taken for granted.

Where the Rule of Law is weak, the above-mentioned essentials are often absent and suffocating poverty, debilitating illness, human rights violations and government corruption stand in their place. Does Zuma want to destroy South Africa or maybe he just is not qualified for the job?

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