Seducing Voters results in Political Whores leading!

Leadership requires good basic communication skills and an acceptable level of education. I’m informed that most communities (predominately literate) are easily swayed by the candidate whose “bribe-gift” is worth the most. These gifts consist of Maize meal, beans (food items, etc.).

Given the short-sightedness of these voters and the mockery of the sacrifices of the lives sparred so that every South African can choose a candidate for the betterment of the country not their stomachs.

Despite the distastefulness of this method in seducing voters, the authorities seem to have turned a blind-eye to this open bribery. Most councillors, who are voted in, are confronted on day one of the job displaying a lack of communication skills and have a low level of education and etiquette.

One of the common reasons for selecting a candidate is their rhetoric, many councillors still appear to give liberation speeches as if it South Africa was still oppressed by apartheid.Hate speech is a common mean in rallying the masses, promising them homes, jobs, and the possessions of the non-African.

Many vote for the ANC not because of Jacob Zuma or others but because they appreciate the party which sacrificed so much to bring them to freedom. The nation’s father, Madiba is also the reason many vote ANC but when the people begin to realise that its own government is robbing them.

This would be considered to be betrayal. South Africa is on a time bomb and the people of South Africa are a passionate, patriotic people who I believe will soon revolt against the abuses Zuma’s government and restore the ANC to the ideologies of the true revolutionaries gone-by! Amandla Awethu!

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