You are Guilty until Proven Innocent!

lawOur legislation is changing on issues of Civil Rights and Security Issues. Authorities are given extra powers and in doing so they are also eroding the civil human rights from the public.

Since the September, 11 and July, 7th attacks – most governments around the world have become rightfully alert and have taken measures to increase their security. However in contrast to these positive measures are that of Laws which erodes our civil rights.

At present authorities in the UK can hold terrorist suspects without charge for 28 days. Some senior police authorities have stated that they would like an indefinite incarceration period. However, many are requesting for a 90 days hold.

lawqAnother such erosion of our civil rights have occurred with the Terrorism Act 2000. When passed it gave the police extra powers when it came to the stop and search process Under section 44 the police can stop and search anyone without the need for reasonable suspicion if they are within a designated area (at the moment the whole of greater London is within the designated area.

There are 4.2 million CCTV camera in the UK. This works out at one camera for every 14 people in Britain. A person in caught on camera 300 times per day on a CCTV camera.

With all the data about us readily available – what is private about our lives?

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