When South Africa becomes like Zimbabwe- don’t flee abroad to exploit their welfare system!

The majority of South Africa has spoken showing their loyalty once again to the African National Congress as winning seven out of ten wards contested in by-elections around the country. In spite of recent corruption charges – the Nkandla controversy and poor delivery of services to the country, the ANC has legitimately won!

These results can be interpreted as that the South African people:

  1. begdon’t understand what a government should do for them.
  2. still believe that their voting in the 1994 elections.
  3. think that the opposition party is not what the majority of people are looking for?
  4. believe President Zuma and his cabinet are doing a terrific job?
  5. believe there is no corruption or abuse of power?

So, when South Africa becomes like the wastelands of Zimbabwe and the majority of people don’t have jobs, food or hope, know that it was you the majority who wanted what you got!

Therefore don’t try immigrating to other countries on makeshift boats or lorries, because South Africa – YOU are choosing your own destiny! Your vote matters and you voted for a future and not just the food hamper you were bribed at the polling station.

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