Would you agree that our President Zuma is an “angel” compared to Julius Malema?

Boundaries move slowly but gradually just enough so that society does not realise the ground that they were standing on has moved. The political landscape of South Africa is changing and it’s changing using humour. Many of South Africans don’t mind bad news so long as it comes with humour, as being very much optimistic we South Africans would not admit to the glass being half-empty.
It is with that as a premise to which I would like to mention the person who is keeping our President Zuma up at night that he actually had to build a state of the art bunker at his popular homestead.

We must recognise and be alert that Julius Malema is no Mandela or Zuma! In fact he is an inexperienced, uneducated politician with radical ideology to that synonymous of Robert Mugabe.

jmI strongly believe that the mainstream media will regret providing Malema all the free publicity to fuel his campaigns. May the same media not forget that he was the one verbally abused the British reporter years back, once in power he will remove all freedom of expression. Thus labelling anything opposing to his thinking as “racist”.

These are crucial times for South Africa despite President Zuma’s corruption cases. Mr Zuma has done his best in developing trade and industries in South Africa whereas Julius Malema may be too inclined with black supremacy to seek the overall economic benefit of South Africa!

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