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Jurassic Politicians should be put in the Apartheid Museum!

…many of the “Jurassic Politicians” are yet fighting against injustice and awaiting retribution even twenty years gone by, they seem to have been short-changed to the towering giants of the ruling “fat cats”. As they watch in envy, their comrades sitting on the gravy train whilst they watch and applaud shouting, “Amandla Iwetto” on the side-lines.

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South Africa is going back to its Apartheid Days

In this blog I would like to express my sincerely disgust to the comments of Mzwanele Jimmy Manyi, the President of Progressive Professionals Forum. He recently commented that Affirmative Action policies should be revised to exclude White women, Indian men and women, as they are already empowered. He says both coloured and black women need to be prioritised… Prioritised?

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Does the South African Embassy protect its citizens whilst abroad?

Roderick Williams, 62, cannot return home until the government of the UAE returns his passport, taken from him after he was accused of negligence relating to the death of a three-year-old child attending the private school where he served as the principal. The child died of heat exposure inside a locked school bus last year. Williams’s passport was seized, and

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