Do white people have a future in South Africa?


Warning: this article includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing

There is a place in Pretoria called Sunshine Corner, where you will witness first hand of a sympathetic white farmer allowing the homeless to find a home on his land. However the picturesque is all too familiar with poverty – Shacks (informal settlements), dirty stagnant water, rubbish, old furniture and broken down cars. There are more than 100 white squatter camps in South Africa – that number is growing as the weakest and most vulnerable have no choice but to live with no water or electricity. These inhabitants live on two hand-out meals of maize porridge a day. It is estimated that more than 500,000, poor white live in such conditions.SA

There is no social security nor welfare, not mentioning the illiteracy and basic skills of the children growing on such estates, whom now face a handy capped future and as soon as they are of “working age”, many are forced to seek work to merely survive.

There is the other issue of being murdered for those living far higher up the social scale and their possessions are plundered. The newspapers almost on a weekly basis mentions of white farmers being murdered. Approximately more than 6,000 have died since the democracy. Therefore many of the white farmers are fleeing for their safety, which has caused a void in the agricultural production.

All these disadvantages are looked upon as retribution, a sort of “karma”, and the punishment for previously abusing the natives. Therefore the common response or sentiment is, “the whites did this to the natives and now it’s the their turn”. The sanctity and respect for life is avoided lest people should realise thIMG_1707at despite being white or black, people suffer whilst the partisans of ideologies watch from ivory towers. Ubantu sees no colour and therefore as long as South Africa remembers that we are a unique diverse country of beautiful cultures then only I believe that the whites have a future!

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