Do you think that the royal family is an expensive “tourist attraction”?

The Government pays the royals a grant known as the Sovereign Grant, which is expected to be £40 million this year. godshiff

A Birmingham MP has hit out at the royal family after it was claimed taxpayers spend £334 million of them every year.  Roger Godsiff, MP for Birmingham Hall Green, said: “ “This is a huge amount of money to waste on what is essentially a tourist attraction.”

A study by pressure group Republic, which supports the abolition of the monarchy, said the figure was much higher when other costs such as security, other staff costs and the use of publicly-owned buildings was taken into account.

rf5He went on to say that is was working to hand out huge sums to “a tiny group of super-wealthy individuals” when Birmingham residents are struggling with rising cost of living. The MP spoke out after a report found that the true costs of the royals to the country is £334 million, eight times the official figure.  That comes to £18.5 million for each “working royal” – the royals who carry out official duties.

He added: “I believe that we need a UK where all citizens are equal and hereditary privilege has been abolished. Everyone should have the same start in life, and no one should be able to live a life of massive luxury and extravagance which is funded by hard-working taxpayers.”

Do you think that Mr Godsiff comments are fair and that the royal family is an expensive “tourist attraction”?

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