Sleep well Mr President Zuma!

red1Europe is currently facing vast numbers of illegal emigrants trying to seek entry into its borders. The media watches the authorities’ every move and are ready to expose upon any breach of immigrants’ human rights.

Meanwhile… in South Africa despite its stance for equality and justice – we see as residents watched from across the street as the Red Ants (security firm- depicted for their red uniforms) went from flat to flat, emerging with their belongings. Smaller items were being thrown from the windows while larger items such as beds, couches, wardrobes and fridges were carried out.

Children and families have been left without shelter and their possession disrespected. Even criminals are treated with greater respect and as the Authorities’ and other African countries watch as their people are being abused whilst they rejoice. Rejoice because many of the illegal immigrants have escaped the tyranny of their leadership.

ants3Just maybe South Africa has brokered some deal to make life difficult for the immigrants so that they may discourage others from leaving Zimbabwe and similar abusive countres? So often Africans talk about the abuses of colonialism yet we can clearly see that Africa can’t even look after its own.

Just maybe this black and white difference were a lie to distract the masses for a few who desired after power grabbing. For the irony in all this is that the “freedom fighting” party is now as bad as the proponents of Apartheid as they watch injustice daily and sometimes are its very source of such hurt.

Sleep well Mr President as you have robbed some child who is watching you and your henchmen when you abuse his/her parents who will soon rise to take your place and justice will soon be replaced for revenge.

(Pictures filed by Naledi Shange, News24)

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