How to deal with people minding your business!

Have you ever had the experience of dealing with people who have no business in your personal life yet they take the liberty to make it their business? The sad reality of it all is that one would imagine them being embarrassed to enquire of privy knowledge yet they do not see this as rude nor an imposition.nosy2

What sort of response should be apt in such a circumstance, should fire and brimstone noting that they are to mind their own business? Or should there be the “turning the other cheek” principle and show love and grace by agreeing to comply in answering their loaded questions of delving fresh gossip?

This does leave a person at that moment in a state of shock – did they really have the cheek to ask you that? Well, my take on the matter is let them have it as pretending it’s ok for people to violate your privacy should be told where the boundary lies. Being honest with yourself is most important than “saving face”. That’s love!


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