Are Immigrants Human?

jfIn recent days immigrants have been the subject of discussion in the United Kingdom, France, USA and also South Africa. The population is increasing and people are realising that the world is not as big as they once believed. Goods and services are being traded from east to west without prejudice.

I read an article of how difficult imposing sanctions on a country would be enforced. Just look at our cell phones and we can see that the components have been sourced to various countries for manufacturing yet enemies have decided to look beyond the product or ethical buying, as globalisation has fuelled capitalism which means that the colour of the money is the moral compass.

I believe this also currently guides our immigration policies. I don’t believe that countries would reject or attempt to turn away wealthy, intelligent and resourceful people into its borders. The United States and Europe were built by the hands of skilful immigrants and slaves. So when boats of tanned, dirty and malnourished immigrants come close to the borders the thoughts of them draining upon the economy and abuses of the welfare system are calculated.

assWe have painted all immigrants with the same broad brush, which is that they all want to abuse our country. History will testify that the West were also immigrants to the lands of Africa, China and other lucrative colonies – proudly planting their flags of discovery upon “new found lands”?

As politics become fanatically polarised it will be acceptable for people like Donald Trump and others who monopolise the fear of having immigrants as liabilities, and this would further alienate these immigrants as “aliens” not belonging to humanity.

It will soon be acceptable to pass laws that negate our responsibilities to care, as we watch immigrants come and die at our borders. It does not matter what their stories are nor does it matter who raped or killed whomever, for they are all mere parasites! …are they?

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