Who says that “Crime don’t Pay”

South African legal system is innovative, as it may be functioning on the basimales of consensus of the people. Where does it stop – even indictments with prima facie cases are not water-tight.

We had that couple from the United Kingdom where the husband paid to have his wife killed. We have had the flamboyant displays of Mr Jacob Zuma walking through fire without scald. Recent cases off Julius Malema running through fire and not smelling like smoke and in an open arena challenging our dear President Zuma, and at another open display “to see him in court.”

zWhat is happening? Is this the Judge Judy show where courts provide the media coverage? I won’t get started on our very own blade runner, Mr Pistorius who after serving approximately one-sixth of his prison term, his release date to house arrest was announced for August 21, 2015. This release was based upon good behaviour and the fact that he was not considered a danger to the wider public.

Most of us are looking at the figureheads of these controversies, i.e. the Zuma’s, Malema’s and of recent Mandela’s grandson for rape but what about the victims?

Now… I’m not implying that money can buy you a get out of jail card!

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