South Africa is going back to its Apartheid Days

In this blog I would like to express my sincere disgust to the comments of Mzwanele Jimmy Manyi, the President of Progressive Professionals Forum. He recently commented that Affirmative Action policies should be revised to exclude White women, Indian men and women, as they are already empowered. He says both coloured and black women need to be prioritised… Prioritised?

grow up

Jimmy, is further dividing our country!

Firstly, he speaks as if he speaks for the entire South African continent. This Jimmy has no clue as to what my generation thinks of such Jurassic mentality. My generation are intermarrying and engaging in integration with other cultures which are clearly not represented with our racist government.

They are so preoccupied with the colour of skin that they miss truly representing the people. Jimmy says government should be stricter in enforcing the Economic Empowerment codes. He is calling for un-designation of White women and Indians as a whole, to say ‘let them be out of the definition so that the focus can be on the Africans and the Coloureds’.

People like Jimmy need a reality check as he fails to realize that placing people in positions of authority requires merit and not race. Invest in the Education sector by providing “black” children better advantages should be some of the discussions.

People with narrow mindedness, bigoted and racists speech should be punished and discipline should be implemented. Jimmy, who is the President of Progressive Professionals Forum – and clearly he got his job for being black because he shows no professionalism nor respect for those who call themselves, “South African” and not as Jimmy indicates, “blacks, whites, coloureds, and Indians”.

Jimmy needs educating and should be reprimanded for coming out public with stupid ideologies!

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