Jurassic Politicians should be put in the Apartheid Museum!

Many of the younger generation such as myself are witnessing the extinction of a breed of Politicians to which I will now refer to as the “Jurassic Politicians”. Bless them – they had suffered, been imprisoned and deduced to scorn under the Apartheid regime to which many of them could not all fit into parliament.sa

Now sadly many of them are yet fighting against injustice and awaiting retribution even twenty years gone by, they seem to have been short-changed to the towering giants of the ruling “fat cats”. As they watch in envy, their comrades sitting on the gravy train whilst they watch and applaud shouting, “Amandla Iwetto” on the side-lines.

It is a sad occurrence as many who believe that the reason for their “still” impoverished state is due to their white counterpart, or if not “whites” – just anyone who is better off than themselves. So envy and jealousy are now “clouded” with terms such as justice, level playing field and equality.

My generation who is open-minded and have been prepared to embrace a multi-cultural and diverse world sees no colour. We see education as the key to being anything you want to be and do, as opportunities are ample.

However, the Jurassic Politicians attempt to clip away the wings of this generation and therefore results in merit and accolades are not the determining factors of success but corruption and colour of one’s skin, as they themselves lack substance.

Many of the Jurassic Politicians have not finished school, or have kept a proper job yet they have been entrusted with vast amounts of public funds and responsibilities beyond their experiences or skills. I am of the younger generation and I am sure there are many with similar views who say:

  1. We don’t want further divisions against skin colour despite what you may call it BEE or “WEE” it’s not what we want!
  2. We want peace and stability of the economy and welfare. We don’t care about the offences of the past as they are forgiven.
  3. We don’t want to take revenge on crimes committed from a previous era for their descendants to pay now. This is cruel and evil.
  4. We want these “Jurassic Politicians” to grow up and wake up as times have changed!

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