Is Civil War Brewing in South Africa?

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by Commander and Chief Julius Malema has in recent years dominated the political stage of South Africa. Despite eefthe leadership change of the Democratic Party, the main opposition party to the government, they have still been overshadowed by the EFF.

In contrast, and no matter how corrupt the African National Congress (ANC) has become they are still being seen as the undisputed “heavy weight champion” political party of South Africa.

The EFF are not shy to controversy, proudly wearing berets and red overalls, not mentioning the many disruptions to Parliamentary proceedings and opposing to a non-compliance of any rule or protocol even with their own leader recently suspended for openly accusing an h0nourable peer as a murderer. The EFF continues to grow and samobilize attracting its followers with a better life of taking it by force from those who have “plenty”.

Meanwhile the ANC are observing and are clearly struggling to deal with the Prodigal son, Malema. It’s been so long that anyone so radical as JuJu (Malema)- who has shaken up the years of complacency and security that no party would be able to challenge their right to the throne. So confident that even President Jacob Zuma even once mentioned that “the ANC will be in power even when Jesus comes”.

Inevitably, frictions between the ANC & EFF are ever increasing with opposing views, and each one attempting to take control of the spoils. Could this be the brewing of civil war in South Africa?

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