Has Fear gripped the Europeans?

toddlerNot too long ago the Germans had welcome banners and embraced the thousands of refugees fleeing the war from their countries. There were charities collecting food, clothing and tents to aid their fellowmen.

A picture of the corpse of the dead toddler in his blue trousers and red t-shirt caused a wound in our hearts showing us the depravity of our own state in being cold hearted as many of us including myself looked at the thousands fleeing their country as merely another misfortune of man’s doing.refugee

Weeks have passed and the tide has turned, the hearts have returned to the state of apathy as the media has just revealed that there could be Islamic Terrorists among the refugees seeking to form a beachhead and in doing so fear has gripped the Europeans.

The news channels have sought to change reports from the benevolent acts of kindness to now where the refugees behave like wild savages threatening our way of civilisation. I stopped receiving the requests for aid, I stopped hearing and seeing the hospitality once so popularly documented by the press.re

What we are all seeing is what the media wishes for us to see. There is even talks of creating a refugee island… so long as it is far away from us and so long as they don’t deplete our resources and bomb our societies.

Where do we all get our information, how is it that we are all so dependant and easily swayed by what we have been selectively fed. News should be news, however we have left wing and right wing – goodness knows what slants and perspectives to pander to someone’s manipulation.

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  • Not fear, rationality. Roughly three quarters of the migrants are young adult males and the majority of those are Muslims. The death of the child above was at the hands of the human trafficking industry, although the media seek to blame ‘Europe’ for it.

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