Monthly Archives: November 2015

Seawater flows from Port Shepstone taps – Why did Ugu municipality not prepare for this?

If you think load-shedding is bad, brace yourself for water-shedding… coming to a tap near you.

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Dear Rt Hon “Freedom” Fighter, Politician, Civil Servant, and Gravy-Train Passenger.

Take for example my childhood town in Port Shepstone, I have fond memories of a steam engine train called the “Banana Express”. The train used to take tourists along the beautiful south coast boasting the manicured gardens, well kept public pools and lovely little shops. However once the “freedom” fighters got into power they have turned this garden of a site liken to a dump -yard and constant complaining of the abuses of the “whites’ yet they are willing to watch their town deteriorate so long as their household income is not affected by the plague they are causing.

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