Dear Rt Hon “Freedom” Fighter, Politician, Civil Servant, and Gravy-Train Passenger.

Dear Rt Hon “Freedom” Fighter, Politician, Minister of Parliament, Civil Servant, and Gravy-Train Passenger,


If you look at the wall you could see the text, “Banana Express”

Why is corruption and embezzlement the way of life for most African government leaders and to whom you are emulating? It seems that there is no shame in being called the dark continent where poverty, wars, corruption, AIDS/HIV, illiteracy and starvation are rampant. Ironically Africa is rich with deposits of oil, gold, diamonds and yet even after centuries of being freed from the dominion of the colonist exploiters, Africa has raised some of its own to further ravage itself. Maybe this is not a colour issue like some make it out to believe, for whether it be black or white the results are the same for the exception that the white-men were not as heartless as many “freedom” fighters believe for they at least built schools, hospitals and infrastructure which is yet evident and in some cases the only evidence of development within South Africa today.

Take for example my childhood town in Port Shepstone, I have fond memories of a steam engine train called the “Banana Express”. The train used to take tourists along the beautiful south coast boasting the manicured gardens, well kept public pools and lovely little shops. However once the “freedom” fighters got into power they have turned this garden of a site liken to a dump -yard and constant complaining of the abuses of the “whites’ yet they are willing to watch their town deteriorate so long as their household income is not affected by the plague they are causing.

Tacky sign board in Port Shepstone advertising Coke

Tacky sign board to Port Shepstone advertising Coke

Memories of my childhood are being eroded whilst a younger generation is growing up in what they are told “has been left by apartheid”. These “freedom” fighters have no longer a cause or struggles, so they are becoming skilled speech makers. Having listened to some of their reasons for the mess they have caused is really quite entertaining. I don’t believe that they listen to themselves and hear the contradictions of the changes to their stories.

image4We watch and see as they dismantle our country, as they strip it apart and sell it off to foreigners. Yet, the delusion is incredible that these very people will tell you the benefits that they have contributed and how rosy life is! Yet much of the majority are talking about you, your new car, your new houses and you luxury holidays. Enjoy it my dear Civil Servants… the masses are coming for you.

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