“The old boys” club

We are living in an era where the purpose for existence is upon us all. In a disposable culture where everything needs to be ready for pleasure for use. We are spoilt for choices and the freedom to make impulsive decisions without any remorse.

hMaybe it is for this reason “some’ older men in particular are so vigorously protecting their seats of power. Many  of whom have proven their skill-sets and are clearly designated for their experience have now become the die-hards of the corporate sector.

In some cultures, the success of an individual is determined upon the legacy they leave behind by their protégés being spurred on to become greater than their Master. However not so in our competitive, insecure and disposable society for these “older” men don’t want anyone to learn what they know, nor share any experiences least they be replaced by a younger model or have to feel the notion of not being needed.

This is especially noted in “the old boys” club where their merit for promotion is replaced for weak subservient subjects who would treat the finite, limited grandpas as gods.

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