Is President Zuma to blame?

There has been much discussion about forcing  Jacob Zuma to resign from his post as President of South Africa. To those who have been following my blogs you would have sensed my frustrations of Zuma’s leadership. I must admit that on several blogs I have also sadly ridiculed Mr Zuma. However, I have been witnessing South Africa’s governmental processes – these findings I must add, are my opinions and are no way to incite hatred or animosity but to stimulate logical reasonings.

So here it goes:

President Zuma is a father, husband of many wives, sugar-daddy  and many other titles to his name. He is no doubt charismatic and a people’s person. Despite what I or others have said, he conducts himself in a respectful manner whilst abroad. In contrast to the other African leaders President Zuma has kept the peace of South Africa.

President Zuma has managed to make friends with all marginalised countries to which the Western countries have stigmatised.

He is resilient enough to do as he pleases yet acknowledges the power of law and the democratic process. So if President Zuma is destroying the country singlehandedly – I find that to be absurd as he definitely does not have the capabilities with a democracy to do as he pleases… Have we forgotten that this is not an autocracy government?

My blame lies with a hopeless opposition who is definitely no match to the ANC. I blame Mr Zuma’s cabinet, they place him in vulnerable circumstances which are not fair and results in his failure and embarrassment. The issue with the Finance Minister – where was the Chief of Staff?  Why does Mr Zuma’s PR Team or speech reader not make it easier to spell out the number so that the President does not fumble?

Secondly I blame us all. We have the same attitude when it comes to education. We chuck our kids at school expecting it to be the teacher’s role forgetting that they are our kids. Likewise blame the President when the country is failing because we pay taxes!

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!  President Zuma will continue to be President and there is nothing you or I can do! But we can see that those who can – do nothing!

What is your Minister of Parliament doing to bring about change? That’s who you should blame!

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