Is South Africa for Sale?

More than twenty years of “freedom” for South Africans since becoming a democratic country. Relieved from the oppression of White supremacy so that every citizen is no greater than the other despite creed, race or background.

The “Rainbow Nation” is home to all types of cultures and traditions benefiting from the fruits of this bountiful land, yet you would not need to go far to find the neglected and abandoned “Child of South Africa” – still living in a shack, still having the need for basic essential services such as sanitation and clean water.

Have you ever walked the beautiful streets of Sandton City? Well, behind this affluent and prominent architecture and home to the wealthy lies the Township of Alexandra, home to the rats which are the size of cats and sewage lined streets in contrast to the tree lined suburbia of Houghton or Melrose.

Our people are forgotten and our government have abandoned their own. Where once Whites ruled this land based upon the colour of their skin now the domination is based upon the colour of their money, and our “comrades” are presenting South Africa on the silver platter to the highest bidder and no surprise it’s the Chinese who are the first in line!

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