What did Cameron do when visiting Apartheid South Africa?

David Cameron is facing demands for him to apologise for a sanction-busting trip to apartheid South Africa in a week when he welcomed African National Congress political prisoners to Downing Street.

Just months after he was elected leader of the Tory opposition Cameron admitted his party had got it wrong on apartheid, but glossed over his own trip to South Africa as a young 23-year-old fast-rising Tory researcher in 1989.

Critics say it was a mission to remove South Africas nuclear weapons before apartheid ended and Nelson Mandelas black-majority ANC took power.

Webbe, a councillor in Islington where the ANCs London office were bombed in 1982, allegedly by South African security agents, said: From its opposition to sanctions to its demonisation of the ANC and Mandela himself, the Tories ought to apologise for their past ideological attack on freedom, justice and equality.

In 1989 Cameron accepted an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa which his office later described as a fact finding mission to see for himself the effects of racial segregation.

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