Apartheid – the get rich quick scheme?

In science the empirical tests of elements result in a reaction to which the elements brings about a change. Likewise, I naively once believed that politics was merely on the basis with anthropological structure and without gaining empirical evidence. Yet today after an insight from Leftwich (2010), What is Politics? I have come to realise that my country, South Africa. where deliberately or not has undergone the ultimate Political experiment, which portrays how elements of society can be used to provide a normative result for control of a society.

The acts for the abolishment of the Apartheid Movement though the moral rationale might not have come without the realisation of the once strength of the system of apartheid, which had oppressed people for the gain of another. This system of which was created to maintain control over non-whites had in the past yielded great benefits to the “super-race” with relatively low costs, in comparison to those countries where all men are equal.

Thereby the standard of living increased for the Whites, the provision of and access of good education and jobs, black labour was cheap and plentiful, and investment flowed in as South Africa appeared stable and the economy appeared healthy.

On evaluation of the evidence presented by the apartheid system – it can be seen that economically it created conditions for a good economy with the cost to the subjugation or degradation of a people group which lowered expenses so that output increased.

So, which leaves me to conclude that when FW de Klerk began dismantling the system of apartheid, was it because the system had run its course, which resulted in the economic cash cow growing weak, thereby the system no longer was economically viably functioning as intended? For the elements of morality and justice took precedence over the day which “costed” more and weighted heavy upon the apartheid system thus replacing it with another form of control.

Though the white supremacy ideology has been removed from South Africa, this has been replaced by Capitalism to which has still bound those oppressed by apartheid. The dominance power has changed face from the “white man” to now the “colour of money!”