What you will NOT hear at the “State of the Nation” Speech


In recent months there has been much talk about the economy, corruption and salary increases. However, I feel that we are only gazing at magicians at work. This has become a cheap Las Vegas show to which the “sleight of hand” of the illusionists, who gets the DA to protest about jobs and gets the EFF to protest about Zuma’s fall.

Whilst the policy makers who have a seat in Parliament are out campaigning they are also busy cutting deals behind close doors which are only good for themselves. Yet the people only see as the audience – mere spectators. The fact of why our currency has weakened, or why we are inviting more foreign investors to pursue on the quest to colonise us once more.

Our country is being sold right under our feet, piece by piece. South Africa – be careful and don’t be too eager to blame Zuma – for one man cannot run a country by himself. Where is the DA, EFF, or the others when these foreigners come to sign up for a “one stop shop deal”?  There are other parties in Parliament you know, representatives are allowed to speak up – so why are they not shouting at things which pertain to the long term strategies? … It’s because South Africans love to be entertained whilst foreigners are aligning to slave trade you!

We are thinking that foreigners will save our economy – not true! They will exploit our lands and take our bounty… When would our Bantu people learn that they are short changing the sons and daughters of this land… Wise up! For this is the “State of the Nation”, and Zuma with all his gang from all parties today will give you a good show and trade you shiny objects in exchange of your land and soul – just like the Dutch had done when Jan Van Riebeck and his Investors came.

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