It’s now official the South African government can take your property!

Definition of Expropriation is the act of taking of privately owned property by a government to be used for the benefit of the public. 

The Expropriation Bill was passed yesterday, I suggest you don’t merely gloss over making light of this Bill. This Bill affects all landowners, this new legislation makes provision for the state to deprive citizens of land.

landMinister of Public Works, Thulas Nxesi said that landowners whose property is expropriated would be compensated, with the courts having the final say on the amount.

Such news would naturally cause alarm bells and the rapid increase to ones blood pressure so like most stealth modes – notes that the Bill provides for the expropriation of land for a public purpose, such as building a road or a dam, or erecting a power line or just maybe for land reform.

Despite concerns from opposition parties that it was unconstitutional it was nonetheless passed as the Bill was fair and equitable, and it was mentioned that if individuals disagreed with the amount offered during an expropriation, this could be challenged in court of law.

Could this be the legalising of land grab to that of our neighbours in Zimbabwe-  we all seen the results of such fairness?

Remember if you don’t like this, do ask your Councillor or Minister of Parliament, how did they personally vote for this Bill?

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