Are these the acts of students or barbarians?

I supported the #feesmustfall protest, I particularly respected the manner in which it was conducted – encompassing the diversity from varying backgrounds and the negotiations which led to reform. However, I believe that many are now attempting to boycott this type of “protest vehicle” and use it to the furtherance of their political agenda. A specific political party (to which I will refrain from mentioning) is using the students as mere pawns.

Student protests should be encouraged however management must respond decisively as it appears that the Media adds fuel to this fire by marketing the protesters grievances and displaying uncivilised behaviour thus giving rise to other national supporters. Therefore, governing bodies should be ready to act swiftly and expel and prosecute those who are participating in criminal damage to their property.

We have a duty to call the burning down and violent protests as acts of barbarianism and not that of the educated. Their lack of creativity and originality in order to make headlines shows that the heritage of their country is secondary in comparison to their demands – hence burning and destroying of our historical buildings and paintings. It’s cheap and its spine chilling to come to realise that these vandals will soon be in places of leadership. We should not support any student destructive protests which are politically motivated by politicians.



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