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South Africa Examines Possible Extremist Threat – Jeff Builta

I found this article by Jeff Builta particularly profound as it discusses key issues despite being published in 1996… “According to the report, 11 “extremist fundamentalist” organizations are known to have received training in Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, and/or Pakistan. The report also claims that some of these cells are heavily armed, and most are concentrated in the Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth areas. The report expressed concern with at least five suspected covert cells of foreign-trained militants around Cape Town and Durban.”

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Is my money safe in a South African Bank?

It feels so far-fetched to imagine working so very hard to put savings away in prudence – only to go to your Bank to find out that they have gone bust or that a minimum withdrawal is allowed. One should not imagine too long, for such scenarios have happened before and I believe will have again. I believe that most people will remember one of South African’s largest unsecured lender, African Bank which collapsed in 2014 or of recent when the people of Greece was only allowed to withdraw sixty Euros a day.

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