Do Black People Enjoy Suffering?

At University I was taught a very important lesson from a very wise professor saying that if I ask the right questions, I would be able to get the right responses which will contribute to a fuller understanding. So there are some questions which are bugging me and to which I’m having difficulties understanding. However I’m also having difficulties formulating my questions so here are my thoughts and along the way I will try to ask the right questions?

From my various travels to many countries I have had the opportunity to observe their lifestyles and culture, I have also come to realise “Black people” suffer prejudice almost everywhere. Whether it is in Europe, Asia or the Americas – black people have it difficult. I don’t particularly like using the term, “Black people” but my vocabulary in describing this particular group of people as “African” would be incorrect as I’m an African and I’m not Black but nonetheless you get the idea.

So to move on, I find that this particular race has had a difficult history and is currently also having a somewhat prejudiced and disadvantaged life. In South Africa, Black people have waited patiently for years to be able to be free from the oppression of “White Supremacy” and to many believed to have been their biggest constraining factor to liberation and prosperity.

However twenty years on and we have had three Black Presidents and yet there are still injustices which deprive Black people from achieving their full potential. As I drove-by Braamfortein yesterday in order to verify a news article noting that a rat was tested positive for having a plague due to the bin-collector strike. I saw the piles of refuse lined the streets whilst the green and stagnant liquid pools filled the pavement and to which school children having to walk on the roads.

I have not seen a problem escalate to this level in other neighbourhoods. Orange Grove did have a similar issue however after much complaining from a literate community their streets were cleaned. So why do the poor black communities have to endure such conditions? IMG_0189

Is this due to money or colour of skin? Yet in a democracy I believe that we all should be equal in the eyes of the Law and therefore why doesn’t the Black people protest against the poor delivery of services within their neighbourhoods? Why do they still vote for a Government which continues to abandon them and leave them without proper water, sanitation, education and medical services? There are many Non-profit organisations fulfilling the Governments obligations and creating opportunities for Black people, should this not be the governments responsibility?

Would education make a difference? Yet we have recently witnessed the President of South Africa violating the Constitution to which serves to protect its people. Education is not lacking  within the Government Cabinet and yet the majority will vote for the same oppressor to govern and the Cabinet will continue to support abuses to the Black people. Why do Black people show loyalty and dedication to their own yet their own show no care and will abandoned them, left for dead without delivery of services whilst the other races can receive by paying for it…but if you don’t have money what and how can you receive such benefits? But should essential services be considered benefits or is it not a Right?  Then why are not the Black communities protesting?

Or should I be asking the question… do Black people enjoy suffering?

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