Making Crooks Celebrities

There was a time when an uncle of mine bought a brand new Volkswagen Cii Golf. I’m certain that many will have the spatial awareness to realise that the car is not really huge and is ideal for four and okay for five small built persons. However, my uncle and his family were so excited that it did not really matter. Even for the extended families too who can also have a ride around the block for the novelty of being in a new car was exhilarating. We were all so proud of our uncle’s achievement, we celebrated with their family and was allowed to share in their happiness.

Things have changed somewhat a lot since the good-old days when working hard was rewarded by “good things”. These days, instead of celebrating and share in others’ happiness, we covet, become envious and can’t wait to up-show all that we have arrived.

Many a time we are so focused on the material possession that we fail to ask the simple question: “But you are a Councillor, a civil servant – how is it that you could afford such a vehicle?” As a kid, I remember my mum seeing that I was chewing a sweet so she enquired where I got it from? Sheepishly I made up a story – after much of a beating and interrogating I confessed I stole it!

Boy, did my bottom burn! Therefore likewise within our communities are individuals we know are bluntly crooks in fancy gear and fancy footwork showing how successful they are… In fact many are stealing, involved in corruption and crooking.

Many know that there are individuals who have accumulated their wealth from immoral dealings. Since when did we condone or look up to the immoral, self-centred ones? As the very reason we have unemployment, crime and lack of delivery of services, it is because someone has a connection to the backhander. Enough is enough!  I’m tired of seeing beggars and unemployed people making me feel guilty when public funds are going to private bank accounts – I have an issue!

Stop making crooks celebrities in South Africa and see them for what they truly are!

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