The Youth Agri-preneurs Project making a difference!

The Youth Agri-preneurs Project , which forms part of the highly anticipated  Global Event scheduled to take place in Johannesburg this week is calling for all stakeholders associated with the conference to work together and involve the young agri-preneurs into the dynamics of the conference and assist with achieving some of the programmes outlined sustainable development goals.

We also bring a more concrete and hands on touch to the global eventsupporting the idea that there is no policy and research without on-the-ground action and no on-the-ground action without the support of policy and researchso that we indeed move from research to impactwe demonstrate result, we keep science relevant and ultimately ensure agriculture as a viable career path that ensures healthy rural livelihoods,” says Cherbonnier.

The YAP participants are 6 young Agri-preneurs with strong business models, from different regions of the world. They will attend the GCARD3 Global event, be granted a $5000 grant and a seat in a YPARD mentoring program over a year.

But YAP is more than that: it is 428 enthusiast young professionals in agriculture who sent their YAP proposals and who keep receiving words of encouragement, support, advices and partnership requests from the online community.
Given that GCARD3 is about re-aligning research with agricultural development needs, the Global Event, which will bring all global stakeholders such as researchers, practitioners and policy makers together needs to highlight the need for greater inclusive and inter-generational participation in order to lead the way in ensuring effective sustainable development.

YAP participants will make sure that young Agri-preneurs are represented at the global event, and by bringing their own experience, they will provide valuable insights into the global discussions and contribute the decisions for an agricultural research that serves sustainable development.

In addition, YAP aimed to encourage young Agri-preneurs from all over the world, to think about their projects and formulate their ideas in a concrete proposal as well as use the organisations blog, as a platform where these entrepreneurs could showcase their projects, while encouraging feedback on their proposals through the comments on each business plans blog post.

The Youth Agri-preneurs Project is a pilot project targeting young agricultural entrepreneurs or Agri-preneurs .


source: agricultural programme aims to achieve greater participation April 5, 2016


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