Why white men still dominate South Africa’s private sector?

A report on compliance with the law shows that white males continue to dominate top and senior management positions. The recent report shows a figure of 70%. The bad news is that the pace is slow and suggests South Africa has a very long way to go before the profile at the top of companies reflects the demographics of the country.

First, far too many companies have not aggressively embraced the spirit of the act and affirmative action.

Second, changing the pace of workplace transformation requires recognition of the difficult starting point and the lingering effects of racism and oppression.

The every day practices and cultures of too many companies are not conducive to attracting, developing and retaining existing black and women talent.

Research has documented two particular phenomena that can slow the advancement of black people and women: opportunity hoarding and social closure.

White males in top and senior management positions continue to receive preference in recruitment and promotion.

Social closure occurs both consciously and unconsciously and has the effect of keeping blacks and women from thriving in companies.

They should emulate and take note of the practices of companies that have made real change.

Progressive companies focus on developing and retaining a talent pipeline. The latest available figures for graduates in business and commerce show that the number of African, Coloured and Indian graduates is three times that of whites. Transformation and employment equity have to be at the core of company priorities.

source:http://theconversation.com/why-white-men-still-dominate-the-top-echelons-of-south-africas-private-sector-44873accessed21/04/16 picture:http://mg.co.za/article/2015-02-23-six-things-white-people-have-that-black-people-dont

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