Is Civil War Brewing in South Africa?

“We are saying we will no longer keep quiet or do nothing about, but we will be forced to take up arms.”- Ndlozi

This was in response to remarks attributed to party leader Julius Malema, who in an exclusive interview with Al Jezeera threatened that they will remove the government through the barrel of a gun if it continues to react violently to peaceful protest.

Ndlozi also warned that the EFF will not just sit down and fold arms, should the ANC rig the votes during the upcoming local government elections.

This comes after Malema made a threat in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera that members of his party are ready to literally take up arms and have physical fight against the government.

“The EFF are anarchists that are associated with lawlessness and every act of violence that undermines the rule of law,” Sanco national spokeperson, Jabu Mahlangu said.

Mahlangu said that Malema’s toxic language and war talk amounts to incitement of violence that undermines South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

“His utterances are violation of the oath of allegiance that he had sworn to as a Member of Parliament,” he stressed



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