Happy Nurses Day for doing your Job!

I wish I could share my sentiments by wishing all nurses a happy Nurses Day without being reminded of the awful experiences we, the public have to undergo whilst you are bound to your policies – ball and chain – which regulate the good for the shareholders rather than the patients’ benefits.

I do appreciate that there are brilliant medical staff who does do a superbly good job. However, in the light of reality, it is your job, just like the catering staff at the hospital is it not?

In the days of Florence Nightingale, I would recognise that passion as I found sacrificial, benevolent and kind-hearted, not staff or job but humanity. Today on this Nurses Day consider whether it’s a job or a passion? Then look around you and realise that we have fenced off a commodity in choosing the lives we save based upon class and privilege.

Hence playing the role of gods are the pharmaceutical corporations which has taken that which is good and free by the pioneers of the past, and made off-limits for private profiteering and turned it into an expensive commodity.

How many family members have lost loved ones because of the process and protocols for medical staff? Just doing their job and their job required a pace not comparable to that life waiting in an emergency room… So yes, Happy Nurses Day for doing your job!

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