Upper Houghton Estate fearful of the lower classes?

Apartheid was the segregation of people groups based upon the colour of their skin. However I believe it is still alive and kicking in an evolved state. Today many White South Africans can be grateful to the wealth and good education their parents and ancestors laboured for. Case and point to which the Upper Houghton boundary signboard proudly displays “Heritage and Education”. Heritage of their ancestors and education for the elite to those who can afford the school fees in Houghton Estate. Therefore even in a “non-apartheid” era many are still having things soft – in 2006, it was noted that twenty years on 70% of the land is owned by Whites. Whites make up approximately 4.5 to 5 million, or nearly 9% of South Africa’s population.

Upper Houghton is a predominately White neighbourhood with large mansions and in times gone by it was home to the gold miners. Today I was appalled to see how once a White minority controlled the settlement of the masses and instructed everyone else where to live and work. However today many of these Whites are creating fortresses with 10ft walls, 24/7 security staff and sophisticated alarms, and today to my disgust… they are closing of public roads!

IMG_0211.JPGPublic roads are being closed so that the privilege would have that added security. When I asked a local why this was the case I was told because of the crime. But what of the locations and working class properties, my builder was burgled last week! I don’t see the working class requesting the roads to be closed.

Many of these White suburbs have created their own Residents Association to which is predominately comprised of middle-classed Whites who actually instruct the Johannesburg Council on how to operate.  So fearful are the Whites in such areas that they are strategically safeguarding their inheritance by cleverly devised schemes to which yet oppresses their non-white neighbours and to which I can share first hand experience.

These dividing gates must come down and they should have the same treatment of any resident and we find such gated areas predominately in White areas.  I believe this is an injustice that cording off public access for their own benefit is liken to the ancestors who restricted access to those non-deserving!

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