Jokers from my Week!

I can only assume that the Customer Relations Manager at Joburg Water must have seen my blogs, signage and social media articles, which have now resulted in them taking a drastic measure by shutting down our water supply and believing that they are punishing us. Whether deliberate or not, one can only make an educated guess at the motives of a company moved by emotional impulses?

Case & Point!

When they rocked up at my property today after abandoning a burst pipe for more than 56 hours they came with NO TOOLS! Yes, these professional jokers arrived on site without any equipment, not even a spare pipe!  Foolishly they came to us requesting for a spare pipe to mend the damage?!joker
We were initially taken aback believing that Joburg Water is a professional blue-chip company, but instead I now can confirm and affirm that they definitely have the chip but assuredly without the “blue”. For requesting the customer to assist them definitely makes them the “Jokers from my Week”!


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