Dear His Excellency the President of South Africa

Dear His Excellency the President of South Africa,

Humble citizen I am have decided to publicly apologise for doubting your intellect and qualifications. You do not realise it, but you are teaching us all of your supernatural powers to overcome all obstacles. Despite what others are throwing on your path – you show resilience and tenacity of a Zulu Warrior. I’m sure that Shaka must be looking down at you and learning a few manoeuvres himself hoping to apply it possibly in his next life.

Sir, when people say that you are single-handedly destroying this country – I say nonsense, if you get to see what millions see every day of the incompetent staff at the utility companies, lazy councillors and those who think too highly of themselves trying to re-enact the accusations you were charged now rubbishing your legacy of invincibility.

These groups of people who run the municipalities are the reason this country is failing! They work half day and move at a pace of slow, dead and died! So no, we cannot blame you, this would be unfair for those that run the country think they are you!

There can only be one Mr One!

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