Racial Discrimination in Housing impacts Health & Wealth



The effects of the wealth distribution can also be traced to the location a person resides and sure enough that place can be identified as predominately residence of a particular race.

Dependent on the race and class will have direct effect upon the unequal access to education, employment, transportation and accommodation.

This exposes communities of colour disproportionately to environmental hazards and areas likely to experience anti-social behaviour.

It is also common that those with the wealthy financial heritage are constrained and confined to their choices, which will naturally result in housing, education and employment. This indirectly enables the security of White homes that appreciate in value and generate assets passed down to subsequent generations whilst others are forced to remain limited with aspirations to purchase their own home.

The housing and school segregation for Blacks will most result in ill-equipped building where they are taught by inexperienced teachers and surrounded by classmates from similar backgrounds. The classroom sizes will be overcrowded and many of the children would suffer untreated disabilities.

White communities will have access to parks, playground, fresh food, and community education centres. Black areas most often suffer disproportionate exposure to polluted air, water, food, and neglected and derelict services. People of colour are generally relegated to places which become prime sites for rubbish and toxic-waste dumps, incinerator, motorways and factories.


Segregation-related to education inequality, racialised policing strategies, mismatch between the location of employment and the communities’ selection of supermarkets, fast-food outlets and betting shops alike.



Township pan


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