For Women to be equal in work, they need to be equal in society

Currently only, 17 percent, India’s women have the lowest share of contribution to GDP in the world, lower than women in China (41 percent), Sub-Saharan Africa (39 percent), and Latin America (33 percent).

Women in India make up just 24 percent of the workforce, compared with 40 percent globally. Closing gender gaps in education and expanding skills training could boost India’s female labour force.

Girls’ enrollment in secondary education was 62 percent in 2014, identical to that of boys, indicating no gender gap but signalling a need to raise enrollment levels for both girls and boys.

In tertiary education, female enrollment was 19.8 percent in 2012, while male enrollment was 22.3 percent. Women with skills training in urban areas are more than twice as likely to be in the labour force as those without such training, and about twice as likely in rural areas.

For women to be equal participants in work, they will need to be equal partners in society.

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source: The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in India, McKinsey Global Institute, November 2015.2) Based on data from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 2012. MGI -India’s ascent: Five opportunities for growth and transformation picture:

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