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Chowing the Money

Please dear government – instead of torturing and progressively bleeding the country dry of its assets, and mocking the country on the international platform. Why don’t you guys just clear its bank accounts and retire to Cuba or some socialistic state where your ideologies could be lived out.

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Africa is for the Africans?

I find this sincerely a primitive and prehistoric ideology for with globalisation and intermarrying we have to realise that either where a person is born is there home or if one adopts the culture and traditions of what it means to be South African – should they not have the right to identify as they should desire and that there isn’t a knighting process.

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Meet Uncle Vincent – Local Hero

These people #Ekurhuleni are NOT animals and should be treated with dignity and respect. Uncle Vincent shows more care for his community than your career politicians. Uncle Vincent does not have much yet will provide what he has to make his community better – and you #Ekurhuleni who takes the people’s money to provide increases to self-worth while making Reiger Park worth-less!

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Antenatal & Postnatal Classes

The benefits of pregnancy classes: Getting information and knowledge to help you feel preparedAn opportunity to have your questions answered by a trained personAn opportunity to make friends and build a support networkSocial connection (other mums and their partners are going through the same things!)Health benefits such as keeping active and looking after mind and body

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Comparison of Nazi Germany to South Africa

Likewise the ignorance of such stupidities are sadly taking root and just as it did in Hitler’s day in South Africa. There is a phrase I once heard that “Africa is for the Africans” (that implying only Black Africans). Despite your place of birth, South Africa has and is openly discriminating its citizens based upon their racial ethnicity.

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Point of Order #sona2020

Where once bad behaviour was considered a reflection of one’s poor character – they are now, somehow, being celebrated. The noble quest of building a country, leaving a legacy is long gone but now the bankrupt of a soul – self-greed and the love for one’s own pleasures are the rule of law.

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