Point of Order #sona2020

Democracy is indeed a funny Karma as those who would have been considered delinquents at school, usually disciplined for their anti-social disgraced behaviour, have now returned to leading a minority party in our country’s highest office. 

Where once bad behaviour was considered a reflection of one’s poor character – they are now, somehow, being celebrated. The noble quest of building a country, leaving a legacy is long gone but now the bankrupt of a soul – self-greed and the love for one’s own pleasures are the rule of law.

We must call it what it is and not make light of the destructors of our children’s future, but teach our children that behaviour is short of someone, pointing to a direction everyone must follow. Alas that direction over a cliff. Stop laughing with them and start laughing at them for such behaviour are not for serious matters of parliament rather the behaviour of Mickey Mouse. 

The media glorifies these tendencies and they too need to realise the public are not interested in reading that sort of comics, for we are serious about South Africa’s future.