Trading votes for food when it costed blood!

There was a period in our country’s history that the past would be reconciled to bring healing to the open wounds and trauma caused by the injustices of Apartheid.

People were willing to move on, to begin walking together – a new government had formed and that government represented the people. As the world watched on with admiration to see a lesson demonstrated by the millions of South Africans willing to show love.

Now the reality hits and that same government which once promised a better life had only managed to achieve it for themselves. They have forgotten the townships and the hopes and dreams which the people patiently anticipated.

Alexandra Township – Johannesburg

Even so the people are trusting despite promise after promise failing, and yet year after year these representatives look more like the Hollywood glamour models showing their swag. Alas, the only swag our people can show forth is the fake goods of designer labels brought in from the Far East.

Ours are a people trusting, loving and generous to have room in their big hearts to be faithful to their “freedom fighters”. Why has anyone not told the masses that Apartheid is abolished and that they are now free? We all know that despite the chains of oppression enslaving our people are the schemes to keep them from freedom, and so the education system does what the Apartheid system did… narrowing their dreams of success.

The right to vote – it came at the cost of blood. Fathers, mothers, children and maybe someone’s uncle. They were beaten, killed and oppressed like animals. Yet today that very vote can be purchased for a bag of groceries… Shame on those who mock our freedom… Shame on you who mock the martyrs… Shame on you!